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National Rescue for Poverty and Drugs, NRPD, is a non-profit organisation (141-614 NPO), registered in South Africa with the social welfare. We currently working and assisting in Pelican Park, Jim se Bos, Mitchells Plain, Lavender Hill communities with different rescue, assistance programs and successfully running 6 Feeding schemes where we are feeding approximately 1000 people a day.

NRPD would like to work in collaboration with companies to assist with further women's, youth and adult skills development, education and sports development for children and adults in our local areas. We intend to do this by educating women, youth, adults and elderly in literacy, life and basic business skills. We would like to run these centres with the help of International and local volunteers. We will promote volunteering from the local community with the intention of creating local jobs, developing skills, encouraging volunteers to have further Interactions with the community and allowing the projects to become self-sustainable.

What We About

- Poverty relief: Weekly feeding programs, vegetable gardens, independence living plans
- Education: After school assistance programs, Life Skills Programs, awareness clinics, computer training and excursions
- Skills development: Artisan skills, Bricklaying, Plastering, Swimming, surfing, bead work, cooking, Sports Clinics and sewing
- Events: Easter, Youth Day, Women's Day and Christmas Functions

This covers seven disadvantaged areas with about 1500 inhabitants each. Our mission is to help alleviate the poverty issues in our area through education and skills development.
- Successfully run six early childhood development centres
- Provide computer lessons for 1000 children and adults
- Start vegetable gardens in the settlements
- Provide Christmas, Easter and Youth day functions for thousands of children, youth and elderly
- Give children, youth and elderly from seven surrounding areas Christmas box presents
- Host annual skills competitions and beach fun day for many children

We would like our projects to feature in local newspapers, on Radio Good Hope, Heart 104.9, KFM, Cape talk radio, Radio Pulpit, Cape TV and Lead SA.
Many people in these areas have excellent business ideas but don't have the knowledge or confidence to start. The Business Skills Development Project aims to give local, unemployed people the chance to realise their dreams and start to develop their own businesses.
NRPD would like to launch a program, teaching adults to create a suitable income for their families.
The idea behind the program is to teach people basic business skills such as how to write a business plan and draw up a budget. We also mentor them to run a successful business. We aim to run this program every few months teaching many more people to open their own businesses in the community.

With only 26% of the community completing secondary school and an unemployment rate of over 40%, we would like to try and improve this figure by providing a skills centre for unemployed women, youth and adults teaching the basics of reading and writing (so they can write CVs and market themselves) to fundamental skills
The centre will also serve as a base for a variety of empowerment projects where we plan to promote entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency for the women, youth and adults in the community as the large majority of families here are single-parent, mother-run households.
We currently do small projects with the elderly in these areas but due to a lack of facilities we are unable to provide all the services they need. Our first step would be setting up a training centre and reading area for one-on-one tutoring in the centre. A centre such as this one will allow the promotion of self-esteem development amongst young women, adults and youths who are the main breadwinners in these communities. By ensuring that youth, adults and women are occupied in a healthy and stimulating manner through sport and other youth development initiatives.

Through education and life skills we can make a difference in the youth, women, adult and elderly's lives for generations to come. We believe that with the collaboration between your company and NRPD we can run a sustainable and beneficial program for our underprivileged communities. Together we are able to start changing lives and changing futures.

Happy childrens
No hungry children
100% child education
Health facility for all

Our Wish list/Needs:

We aim to make an even bigger difference in the lives of those underprivileged, disadvantaged and unemployed. We are making good progress supporting the communities in and around the areas and have excellent relationships with the community and community leaders.

We need assistance and donations in the form of the following:  School and pre-school books and equipment, Sporting equipment, Second hand clothing (any age / size), Building projects and building materials, Private cash donations or regular donations by debit order, Corporate donations, Financial support, Groceries or Food sponsors, Volunteer support, Computer equipment, Educational games and toys, Teachers with qualifications

We love helping our people

For all assistance we receive with a measurable Rand value we are able to provide a Section 18a tax deductible certificate as well as BEE certification to increase the BEE profile of your company. Reg. No. #141-614 NPO | Registration no: 2014/105176/08

Please help us help others and Donate through our bank account:
National Rescue for Poverty & Drugs | FNB Gold Cheque a/c 627 959 03189 | Branch Code 25065

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